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BPS is here for all of your paintball needs. We know your gear needs to at its best, so take the hassle and frustration out of it by letting us service it all for you! 
Is your HPA tank out of hydro?
Let BPS take care of the rehydro for you! Don't worry about calling around or removing your regulator, we handle everything!

Hyrdrostatic Testing Fee: $50 (3000/4500psi)

All testing is done off site and takes approximately 1-2 weeks to complete.

Tank Regulator Servicing (Cleaning/Rebuild/Etc.): $15
Turn your old gear into cash or trade it in towards something newer! BPS wants your used markers, tanks, and loaders! Even if your gear is broken or not in the best of shape send us a message and see what we can do for you!

Trade in values are determined on a case by case basis and equipment must be inspected/tested before being accepted for trade. All trade ins are final.

Our used gear supply fluctuates based on customer trade ins/sales. For latest used gear inventory please email us or visit the webstore.
See a gun online but don't want to get scammed? Looking to trade on a forum but nobody wants to ship first? 
Here at BPS we can handle your online deals ensuring a safe and secure transaction everytime!

3'rd Party Service Fee: $20 + Shipping/Handling 
(Includes Testing + Cleaning as necessary of the equipment!)

Shipping/Handling charges are determined on a case by case basis. All equipment from both parties is inspected and cleared before mailed or passed on to local buyer. 

Call or Email us today for details or to setup a trade/sale, or visit our thread on PBNation under Paintball Services.

*Special reduced Gun Fighter Club Enrollment price for local buyers. 
Marker Repair/Tuning
Hydrostatic Testing & Tank Repair
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Used Guns / Trade-Ins
Shoot us and email or Message to let knowledgeable and experienced techs diagnose and repair your markers, tanks, or loaders. 
Serviced equipment is subject to the following flat rate labor charges:
High/Mid/Low End Electronic Markers: $35 (Not Including Parts)
Mechanical Markers: $20 (Not Including Parts)
Loaders/Tanks: $15 ((Not Including Parts)

Upgrade Installation & Testing
Any Marker: $15

NOTE - Return S/H fees are part of final invoice to customer after work has been performed - NOTE
***Enrollment in our Gun Fighter Club Rewards and Service Program will waive all labor fees for duration of membership. Enrollment does not cover any parts needed or S/H on specific plans)***
3'rd Party Services